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Who is orthocaps for?

Tooth correction for adults?

For many adults, fixed braces are out of the question for aesthetic reasons. orthocaps® TwinAligner® system now provides a solution that will help you achieve a beautiful smile. Thanks to our invisible, comfortable and easy-to-clean aligners, our system can easily be integrated in your professional and daily life. Whether for crowding, gaps or complex malpositions, orthocaps® aligners guarantee visible results in 90% of cases.

Invisible and aesthetic

The orthocaps® aligners are made of high-quality, transparent plastic and are therefore almost invisible. An aesthetic system ideal for adults.

Professional-looking every day

Our discreet aligners can also be worn at work. Speech is only modified for a short period of time during the adaptation phase.

Precise and effective

The orthocaps® TwinAligner® system is as effective as fixed braces in most cases. And the results are particularly precise thanks to its thermoplastic material.

Invisible braces?

For most teenagers, fixed braces are a real nightmare. The visible brackets and metal parts are anything but beautiful and probably bother you when you eat, brush your teeth and hang out with friends. No reason to despair. The orthocaps® TwinAligner® system is an innovative alternative to fixed braces and straightens crooked teeth discreetly and without complications. The orthocaps® system can treat 90% of cases. Consult an orthocaps® specialist for more information.


The transparent orthocaps® aligners are so discreet your friends won’t even notice that you’re wearing them.

Easy-to- use

orthocaps® aligners are easy to use and care for. Ask your orthocaps® practitioner about instructions for use and care.


orthocaps® aligners can be easily removed when eating, brushing teeth and practicing sports. What more can you ask for?

Painless braces?

Younger patients have trouble coping with standard braces. The orthocaps® KIDS system is therefore a good alternative. Developed especially for the correction of malocclusion in children between 6 to 11 years old. The invisible orthocaps® aligners are better accepted than regular braces and may be only worn at night. These are convincing reasons that motivate your child and enhance cooperation.

Only worn at night

orthocaps® aligners are worn at night after dinner and brushing (about 12 hours a day).

No dangerous metal parts

Because the aligner is made of plastic and not metal, there is no risk of mouth injuries or irritation.

Painless correction

Thanks to its dual-component thermoplastic material, the aligner is soft and supple on the inside and allows for particularly gentle treatment.



Are you still unsure about whether tooth alignment with the TwinAligner system by orthocaps is right for you? Trust our orthocaps orthodontists and send us a picture of your malpositioned teeth. You will quickly receive a free assessment from our orthocaps experts. The picture must be in a common format (jpg, gif or png) and not exceed 2000 x 2000 pixels or a file size of 2 MB.

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